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Screen mill
Screen mill

Equipment introduction

Screen crusher, suitable for crushing medium hardness materials, can crush materials up to 30 mm in size to 0.5-1 mm. The size of the material can be controlled by changing the screen, which is simple and easy.

The grinding of the screen pulverizer is mainly performed by a shearing knife produced by a blade hammer, so it is often used to grind a material having a low melting point.


Product construction

The screen pulverizer is mainly composed of worm gear reduction motor, casing, frame, combined spiral cutter disc, drive shaft, driven shaft, large gear, pinion and other parts. The supporting equipment includes: 2 conveyors, 1 control cabinet, one magnetic rod, 1 dust collector, 1 set of aluminum and iron separators.


1. Easy to adjust the fineness of the product

2. Quick and easy to assemble and disassemble

3. Easy to clean and maintain

4. The blade hammer is suitable for crushing in the following fields

5. Fineness: 8μm-2mm


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